Types of Virtual Assistants and their benefits

Humans, in general, dislike routine jobs and tend to look over for ideas that reduce time. Effectiveness in task completion through virtual assistants is no less when compared with work done by talented employees.

People are becoming more accustomed to using voice-activated devices such as Alexa, Siri, and Google Assistant to conduct routine web searches, manage tasks, get directions, ask questions, and control smart devices in their homes. Cortana, for example, performs best when data from a user’s device is used, such as emails and other communications, contacts, location data, search history, and data from other Microsoft services and skills (third-party applications) that users choose to connect with. Users can choose not to sign in and share this data with Cortana, as well as adjust permissions to prevent certain data from being collected, but doing so limits the virtual assistant’s usefulness.

There are various types of VAs which can help you meet your business goals depending on the nature of your business. Check out the various types of VAs and their benefits.

Administrative Virtual Assistants

This virtual assistant can be assigned with all business and personal administrative duties such as email management, appointment scheduling, expense reports, and paperwork filing. 

They can help in managing communications and calendars, customer service, social media management and much more, thus allowing humans to focus on their main tasks of business.

Virtual Assistant Writers

Writing content is difficult, especially when trying to market a business. These virtual assistants, also known as ghostwriters or creative writers, can handle the majority of a company’s writing needs.

Virtual BookKeepers

Bookkeeping is the backbone of any business, large or small. Needless to say, bookkeeping involves both time and resources. These are the financial virtual assistants which can assist firms in managing a company’s cash flow. Virtual BookKeepers can benefit accounting firms or may work independently to work with multiple clients at the same time.

Real Estate Virtual Assistants

Real Estate virtual assistants can be of immense use in a real estate agent’s office. This kind of virtual assistants aid with paperwork and showings on properties, as well as scheduling appointments and taking calls from potential buyers/sellers.

Real estate agents can use the skills of virtual assistant remote workers to generate more leads while focusing their efforts on improving sales and building relationships with their clients.

These remote assistants are a cost-effective approach for agents because real estate agents can now devote more time to their clients’ and in-house staff’s needs.

Social Media Virtual Assistants

This virtual assistant is in charge of managing employer’s social media accounts. It can keep track of all company posts on various social media platforms. They plan ahead of time, write posts, manage comments, and route them to the appropriate team member. 

Remote full-time social media work to keep online channels, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, and others, updated with content so that humans don’t have to spend hours away from their business functions.

Shopping and E-Commerce Virtual Assistants

This virtual assistant type will help to keep track of all the items in an online shopping cart. Shopping and E-Commerce Virtual assistants help in keeping track of all the items that have been added to a shopping cart via affiliate links or other means. 

An E-Commerce virtual assistant can help you run your business smoothly whether you sell products on your website or on a marketplace.

The following are some important tasks that you can delegate to your eCommerce virtual assistant:

  1. Product data entry for eCommerce
  2. Managing transactions in a streamlined manner
  3. Inventory management on a daily basis
  4. Performing a competitor analysis
  5. Managing order processing
Customer Service Virtual Assistants

Customer Service Virtual Assistants can handle all customer issues and concerns via email, chat, or phone calls. They can help in answering product questions, set up new accounts for customers, and sometimes even handle refunds.

Computer Virtual Assistants

Virtual assistants specialize in computer-related tasks and functions. They can do everything from operating computers to send emails, play videos or music files, and even browse the internet. They can assist with more complex issues such as computer repair or assisting with the implementation of security measures for a company’s network.


Make a point of identifying your company’s specific requirements and finding the one which will become your good fit. Virtual assistants can aid in employee and organizational success by providing effective performance management guidance. They concentrate on job-specific tasks that employees should be well-versed in how to complete with high accuracy.

Stay tuned with our upcoming blog to know the usage of Virtual Assistants in various fields.

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