SOA based EHR Web Application

Problem Statement

Our client is a leading mental health care provider, servicing patients in Denver. Physicians perform patient evaluation and self-assessment and record it in Reaching Recovery (RR) application developed internally, which provides greater value to the users by generating statistical reports that are used to measure the recovery of the patients. External clients have shown interest in using this tool to assess and evaluate their consumers. Reaching Recovery (RR) system had a limitation of providing the offerings only to internal users but our client wanted to facilitate their offering as a service to a larger customer base.


GeakMinds helped in implementing a SOA based application and exposed the functionality to our client’s external customers to access the application from any place. GeakMinds provided the following solutions to the client:

• Built a web services-based application to access it from various sources like Web, Mobile, and Tablet etc.
• Re-designed the existing database to accommodate audit trail and security information.
• Designed and implemented three layers of security module using 128/256 bit (MD5 algorithm) encryptions.
• Strictly adhered to HIPAA compliance and highest security standards.

Completed the implementation within 12 weeks with a total of 40 APIs and 7 screens.
The project involved 4 development and 2 testing resources.


• Additional revenue (approx. 750,000 to 1million per year) to our client from new customers.
• The application is now scalable to multiple end-points including web, mobile and tablet.
• Three layers of security model were defined to secure the patient’s health details.

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