Human Error Occurrence (HEO)


GeakMinds designed and implemented a new, flexible, and highly configurable application portal that tracks ticket action progress and their impacts, allows the client to take service improvement action, improve overall efficiency, greatly reduce the time taken to process the customer’s ticket related issues, and an upstanding user interface to make it look more elegant, intuitive and responsive. GeakMinds’ team provided the following solutions to the client:

  • Built with workflow system to manage the ticket (Ticket status, Responsible Team, Ownership)
  • Transparency to leadership
  • Action-oriented auto email trigger notification
  • Auto daily and weekly report trigger to the specific distribution list

Dashboard View

  • Overall view of complete, new, validated, and dispute tickets
  • Risk analytics based on the type of issue been tracked and SLA measurement
  • ‘Completed’ and ‘Work-in-Progress’ tickets view by month, department, and responsible team
  • Multi-dimensional view based on ticket classification and fix/resolution category




  • Transparency to leadership
  • Accountability on tickets
  • Built-in workflow and process
  • Reduced End to End Cycle Time
  • Resolution throughput against Service Level Agreement (SLA)
  • Solution-oriented approach and helps in decision making to avoid future defects and any training
    opportunities to team
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