How AI can empower Contract Analytics

Firms may be vulnerable to facing issues if their contracts are on poor maintenance. They might fall into risk when they rely on manual contract review and approval. By using AI with contract analytics, firms may explore hidden opportunities in an organization that would have taken considerable time and effort, had it been fully dependent on human power.

The size of the global market for contract analytics software is anticipated to reach $3.4 billion by 2027, expanding at a CAGR of 15.1% between 2022 and 2027. To simplify the procedure and reduce risk, AI is profoundly making an impact on contract management through Contract Analytics. 

Check out how impactful AI can be along with contract analytics for firms.

Importance of AI for Contract Analytics

Numerous contracts are hosted by businesses today as well as law firms. Big data is the new norm, and technology and business procedures must keep up.

Contract analytics is a boon to today’s systems because of their strong AI engines. The machine won’t get weary and can perform this search, find, interpret, and extract function at superhuman rates. An engine used for AI contract review can function for several hours, days, weeks, months, and possibly years.

It won’t stop till the job is done. It won’t get tired of doing the tiresome work either. Even when examining 90,000 or more contracts, this is still true!

Additionally, by identifying suboptimal phrases and clauses, artificial intelligence in contract management can help to quickly analyze risk in contracts (doing the risk analysis considerably faster than a team of lawyers).

Benefits of AI for Contracting Analytics
Efficiently searches and finds specific Contract clause

For a large volume of documents maintained by a firm, if the management wanted to know the contracts that are about to expire then it would take strenuous hours of human time and effort to manually search every document.

For the above case, with the aid of AI, the firm can easily search particular contract clause cases. Through a keyword search of the NLP approach in AI, firms can thus easily find contract clauses in no time.

Easy to extract summary from voluminous contracts

Think of the case where there is a huge contract volume and the team has no idea of what it’s based on. A summary or a short description of what the contract is about can be made using AI. Then with contract analytics, firms can get a necessary gist about the contract among many in less time.

Manages tedious work in less time

A recent analysis from the Center for Advanced Procurement Strategy (CAPS) claims that businesses using AI spend less on processing and need 53% fewer transactions than those using traditional methods. Consider the contract team that works tirelessly to complete a contract work analysis. Thousands of contracts and documents may be scanned in a matter of minutes because of the speed of computing and AI (hours at most).

Reduces high risks

Making sure the company has reduced risk factors is one of the technical team’s main duties. Liability and risk are elevated when there is a lack of insight into each contract at every stage of the contract development. AI can help teams make sure that the business is approving outstanding transactions, avoiding risks, and having complete insight into all contract requirements.

Identify potential opportunities

Firms can turn out to be successful by deploying AI-based contract analytics. It aids in risk management and better resource utilization for your business. Contract analytics with AI allows you and your team to focus on efficient project planning and analysis thus opening new growth opportunities.


It’s been a long time since firms have understood that analytics is important to their business. Many have succeeded by similarly working out with both data and analytics. If you merely manage contracts rather than analyze them, then you are missing a major growth opportunity for your business. On applying analytics on your contracts, firms can be ensured to reap benefits in huge amounts along with the discussed benefits in the blog. For any of your aids and to know more on this, reach out to [email protected].