Drivethru Application


GeakMinds designed and implemented a new, flexible, and highly configurable application providing the following solutions to the client:

  • Added search feature to search single user
  • Added global search feature to search from the list of users who has a license key in a customer
  • Added record entry option to the list of records list containing 10, 20, 30, 50 & 100 user records
    displaying on each page
  • Removed pagination from the current user administration window
  • Added navigation panel to the main UI for the user to switch between any page directly without hitting the home page
  • Export feature as an Excel sheet and PDF file was added based on user’s selection
  • Offered user-friendly customization options like profile, theme, selection of landing page, etc.
  • Designed an upstanding UI Interface
  • Implemented LDAP security mechanism for 2-level authentication.



Completed the implementation within 16 weeks with a total of 50 APIs and 30 screens. The project
involved 4 development and 2 testing resources.



  • The workflow was optimized to the complete level.
  • Improved overall efficiency in retrieving data from the database
  • Greatly reduced the time taken to process the user’s records Added user customization module
    using powerful spring framework Brought down the manual cost of operations.
  • Brought about real-time access and productivity by consuming less time
  • The user interface was rendered with the latest UI technologies to make the user experience more
    attractive and interactive.
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